Shuffle Grit Cattle Co.

Shuffle Grit Cattle Company is a family-owned commercial and registered cattle operation that has been in existence for over a hundred years in Comer, Georgia. It is owned and operated by the fifth and sixth generation of the Patton family. Once a cotton-growing operation where owner Jim Patton’s great-grandfather would “shuffle grit” when hoeing his cotton fields, the northeast Georgia ranch now specializes in raising commercial cattle and exceptional registered polled Herefords. Shuffle Grit Cattle Company proudly raises, breeds, and shows our registered Herefords for our farm. Bred on a foundation of both functionality and beauty, Shuffle Grit Cattle Company ensure that our cattle are both show quality and commercially efficient. With meticulous attention to both form and function, Shuffle Grit Cattle Company breeds and showcases our Herefords with a rare blend of showmanship and commercial pragmatism. In addition to our registered Herefords, Shuffle Grit Cattle Co. also sells “never/never” beef sides, from Shuffle Grit steers that the Pattons feed out that have never been treated with antibiotics and never been given growth hormone injections.

“Our focus is having the eye appeal of a show cow but maturing into functional cows.” - Jim Patton, Owner

Elevating Show Ring Success with Functional Hereford Cattle

Shuffle Grit Cattle Co.'s registered Hereford cattle epitomize efficiency, functionality, impeccable structure, and unparalleled maternal traits, catering to both show enthusiasts and commercial breeders alike. Whether destined for the show ring or the commercial market, Shuffle Grit's cattle offer versatility, quality, and eye appeal, meeting the needs of all cattlemen across the United States. We at Shuffle Grit raise our cattle systematically with a controlled breeding season to optimize calf crop success and provide superior quality cattle. Beyond our pastures in northeast Georgia, Shuffle Grit is actively involved in junior livestock programs and strives not only to nurture the talents of young showmen but to provide functional animals that will serve them beyond the show ring. The Patton family’s steadfast dedication to exceptional agriculture practices ensures that Shuffle Grit Cattle Co. remains at the forefront of the cattle industry, setting a standard of excellence.