About Shuffle Grit Cattle Co.

About Us

Shuffle Grit Cattle Company, formerly known as Patton Family Farms, has had its roots in northeast Georgia for over a hundred years. Owner Jim is a custom cabinet maker who has raised his registered Hereford cattle for over 30 years on the family farm. Jim’s son, Duncan, a diesel technician, now operates the cattle operation alongside his father. 

Together, they are committed to fostering the next generation of agricultural talent, actively investing in the development of local junior showmen in collaboration with fellow family members at All Hours Farms. The father/son team are proud members of Georgia Cattlemen's Association, Madison County Cattlemen's Associations, American Hereford Association, and local show boards.

“When those calves that were born in October and November are running around, just running with their tails extended because it feels good. I just love being here with these cows.”

A Farm built by Family

Since the family farm was established prior to 1914, the Patton Family has been keeping the Shuffle Grit Cattle Company thriving through raising cattle and growing hay. Jim’s father, a showman in the early 1950s, fell in love with polled Herefords as a young man, keeping the cattle operation filled with the breed. Jim’s love for cattle, supporting junior showmen, and ensuring a legacy where his children can raise their own cattle in the future, is the mission of Shuffle Grit Cattle Co.